Baby expenses: how much does a baby cost?

Being a first time parent can be overwhelming, add the cost of raising a baby and it can become intimidating. We will discuss various strategies to help you:

  • Manage your budget as well as manage your stress
  • Cut corners to help reduce some of your baby's expenses and everyday costs.

In addition, we will discuss how living on a reduced income can impact the family's day to day functions and overall budget and provide useful tips and strategies to assist new parents as they adapt to living on a reduced income.

How Government helps: benefits available to new parents.

During our seminar we will discuss everything you need to know about Maternity and Parental Benefits available through Employment Insurance. The main topics of discussion are:

  • What are maternal and parental benefits?
  • Who can take parental leave?
  • Am I eligible?
  • How much will I receive?
  • How and when do I apply?

We will also provide helpful information about Canada Child Tax Benefits (CCTB) and Universal Child Care Benefit (UCCB). You will learn:

  • What these benefits are
  • Why these benefits are important,
  • How much you will receive
  • Who is eligible to apply, and
  • How to apply for the CCTB and UCCB.

Your child's fitness is an important part of his or her well-being. We will introduce you to:

  • Children's Tax Credit which has been introduced by the Federal Government to promote physical fitness and a lifetime of healthy living among children;
  • Other tax-deductable benefits, such as costs of daycare, available to new parents.

Smart Beginnings

You have brought home your bundle of joy, what's next? Our seminar will discuss what pieces of identification a baby needs and why they are essential for your little one. We will provide the necessary forms, information on how to complete them and where to apply for:

  • Birth Certificate
  • SIN
  • Travel documents

Our seminar will provide you with the knowledge on how to get your baby off to a good start with a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP). You will learn:

  • Why RESPs are important for your newborn
  • What solution is right for you
  • What government incentives you may receive. Did you know that starting from a newborn age and up until your child is 17 years of age you can receive up to $10,000* in Federal and Provincial Government grants?
  • How to apply
* Conditions apply.

Special Interest Topic

From time to time, Planning for Baby will be partnering with various guest speakers to provide you with pertinent information that may be relevant to you and your little one.

You'll find that being informed is being prepared!