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Planning for Baby offers a free educational seminar for expecting parents and first-time parents. The specific speakers chosen for Planning for Baby are licensed Sales Representatives registered to sell Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs). As their expertise and knowledge are widely diverse with RESPs and \government incentives available to young qualifying families, people tend to seek them out as it relates to budgeting and preparing for the arrival of a baby. Over their many years of specializing in this field, their passion and dedication to help families get started tends to shine as they will go above and beyond to ensure all of the families' needs are met and that the family is comfortable with the outcome of the decisions made. They are always there to assist with questions or concerns that may arise during or after the seminar as the families better interest is also theirs. No profits are being made from this program and are strictly being offered to the public as information only. The sponsorship funds received are directly applied towards the functional costs associated with the program. The views and opinions expressed in this seminar are those of the presenters and do not necessarily reflect those of the organizations the presenters represent professionally. The seminars are not endorsed in any way by any organization whose products are sold by the presenters. With growing demand for more classes, additional speakers with similar expertise may be added to teach Planning for Baby.

You'll find that being informed is being prepared!